Green Wall Metal Work

A striking Green Wall for this prestigious property in London required the design and manufacture of a totally new style of support framework.  Few projects can boast such elaborate engineering and fabrication invisible when completed.

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About the project

The design of this beautiful Living Wall was both striking and unique.  An 8-way party wall around the boundary meant the system had to be completely free standing with no contact with the surrounding structures.  To achieve this an elaborate framing system was developed supplied as a kit of parts for simple installation.

The framework consisted of 12 Vertical posts with laser cut connecting and base plates corresponding with a lower frame work system set into concrete foundations.  Each upright was interconnected by a series of horizontal mild steel angles tying the entire structure together.  All metal work was of course Hot Dipped Galvanised for maximum life expectancy.

In addition to the Green Wall, the structure also had to incorporate and support a 2.5m high granite monolith water feature.  Water was pumped from a holding tank in the base tank up to a hopper mounted above.  An inbuilt diffuser and blade ensured the water was distributed evenly before cascading down the front of the granite.  All metal work was made from 316 Grade Stainless Steel.


Metal work structure for green wall, London


Clifton Nurseries


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